Welcome Back Garland

This banner is based on a banner I saw in one of Martha Stewart’s monthly magazines.

It’s simple but fun and inviting when accessorized with crepe paper and ribbons. Have a look:

(not able to enlarge)


  • garland template
  • colored card stock or paper
  • scissors or decorative scissors/pinking shears
  • utility knife
  • ribbon, 1/8-inches wide, about 4 yards – match to card stock color
  • pushpins
  • crepe paper streamers to match card stock and ribbon (optional)


1. Download the Welcome Back Template here.

2. rplanner 048Printing on color paper gives this banner a nice touch. And printing on colored card stock adds extra durability. To cut out, follow along the circular line. Use decorative scissors or pinking shears to give letters a decorative edge.

3. Use a utility knife to cut two vertical slits near top of circle. The location for cutting is marked on each. Then, arrange letters into words. String letters together by threading ribbon  through slits. It helps to put tape on one end of the ribbon to help it slide through the cut.

4. Hang your banner. Since there are two words, hang wording as one or two rows. Use crepe paper streamers and ribbon as additional decorations.


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