This section is about books and other resources for those who teach.

I spent time this summer reading “The First Days OF SCHOOL” by Harry and Rosemary Wong. The book has given me a sense of purpose in the classroom. This was exactly the information I have been searching for for some time. I knew it existed but it took me a while to find it. Which is strange because I visit sites that feature the author’s work (see   The retail price of the book is around $25, but you can find it used on Amazon for less than that. If you don’t want to pay for shipping, do what I did, search Amazon for book-seller in your city. I found one less than 10 minutes away from me and only paid $7 and some change for the book. I called the company selling the book and asked if I could pick up the book at their office. They said “yes” so I paid over the phone and then picked up my book. Easy as pie and the best money I’ve ever invested as a teacher!

The Mailbox is another great resource. These magazines are loaded with good teaching ideas. They are offered in all subject areas (language arts, math, social studies, etc). I can’t afford to buy the magazines so I borrow them from a nearby library. Insha’Allah you can find them at your library. If not, then ask your librarian how to do an inter library loan. The librarian will help you find a library that subscribes to the magazine and you can have copies shipped to your local library for you to checkout! Here is the link to the The Mailbox website.


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  1. J
    Feb 09, 2009 @ 00:43:50

    I wonder, why the IT/ICT book so many free ebook available, but educational book so rare and priced (not free). Thank you.

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