Brain Development: ideas for parenting and education

Developing Brains, by Dr. Kathy Bobula, is a highly recommended site on human brain development.The main focus is on early childhood brain development.

Using the site

To get the most out of the site, you will want to increase your knowledge about the brain with this article: Some Brain Basics. Plus, see these Links to some great web sites.

Take advantage of the Glossary of Terms on the site to help you understand what you will be reading. Dr. Bobula says that when she wants to remember words and terms mentioned in articles, she places “a lot of sticky notes all over the article with definitions of terms on them!” When she remembers what a word or term means, she gets rid of the notes.


Brain Research: Strategies to Improve Memory

Read this three-part series on Brain-Friendly Teaching.

Part One: Strategies to Improve Memory
What teachers need to know about the brain to help students learn and remember best.

Part Two: Moving Information from Sensory to Long-Term Memory
Learn the seven-step process that helps move information from sensory memory to long-term memory.

Part Three: Putting Brain-Friendly Strategies to Work
Discover how to put brain-friendly strategies to work in the classroom — and how to avoid your own senior moments.

Brain Lady

I am a total believer that educators need to stay updated on the latest in brain research. Try these website out:


Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research