Signs of Struggle in Children with Writing Disabilities

Writing requires skills and development in many areas of functioning not specific to writing.

“Often, children with writing disabilities have no trouble forming coherent and creative thoughts, but the graphomotor, grammatical, and structural aspects of writing may require so much effort and concentration that their best ideas never get recorded.”

The following website has a list of some of the milestones expected of developing writers and signs of struggle. 

Struggling to Learn: Writing Disabilities


Brain Development: ideas for parenting and education

Developing Brains, by Dr. Kathy Bobula, is a highly recommended site on human brain development.The main focus is on early childhood brain development.

Using the site

To get the most out of the site, you will want to increase your knowledge about the brain with this article: Some Brain Basics. Plus, see these Links to some great web sites.

Take advantage of the Glossary of Terms on the site to help you understand what you will be reading. Dr. Bobula says that when she wants to remember words and terms mentioned in articles, she places “a lot of sticky notes all over the article with definitions of terms on them!” When she remembers what a word or term means, she gets rid of the notes.

What is Early Education and Family Studies?

Early Education and Family Studies (EEFS)

This field deals with children from ages zero to eight. EEFS is also called Early Education, Preschool, Childcare, and they all mean the same thing.

Early Childhood Education is a unique branch of education that is comprised of four areas:

  1. Human Service: provide service to children and parents
  2. Developmental Psychology: most of ECE is based on this area of psychology.
  3. Education Field: ECE is part of the education field
  4. ECE = Human Services + Developmental Psychology + Education

Objectives of ECE

  1. Foster children’s development
  2. ECE is there to support and enhance development but not responsible for a child’s development.
  3. To support and educate the parents
  4. To education the child and teach the child how to socialize. 90% of what is done in ECE is socializing children.

Themes in EEFS

#1 Value of Reflective Thinking. The ECE practitioner has to think about their own education and childhood experience because experience influences how you interact with children. You teach who you are.

#2 Multi-Cultural Perspective. The child’s personality and culture plays a role in who the child is. There are many cultural contexts that are viewed as different vs wrong.

#3 Holistic Approach. ECE looks at the whole child and how he/she is influenced by their family.

#4 Professionalism. It’s not arbitrary. It’s based on what is known about small children. Developmental psychology has a solid base in child development.

Child development helps us make decisions and to know what is developmentally important. We can know how to make a decision about a child based on the child’s characteristics and environment.
Types of Development

#1 Universal. Milestones and stages that are universal to children all over the world. For example, all 2-year-olds spill food when they eat.

#2 Contextual. Social and cultural context of each child. For example, an only child vs a child with siblings. A 2-year old with no siblings may throw their food. However, a 2-year old with siblings may have seen older children be reprimanded for throwing food and so the 2-year old will not throw food.

Source: Notes from “Introduction to Early Childhood Education” class


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New Site: Islamic Bulletin Board

This is such a wonderful site!


Our goal is to highlight Islamic themed bulletin boards that can be found around the net, including ones made by us. We’d like to make this a directory, if you will, of Islamic bulletin boards that homeschoolers, public/private school educators, and parents can come to to get ideas and resources for making Islamic themed bulletin boards to help bring Islam alive to Muslim children as well as to possibly enlighten non Muslim children about the beautiful religion of Islam.


Islamic Bulletin Boards (IBB) is a joint project of Umm Abdul Basir and Umm Ibrahim.

LD and ADHD Newsletter

Dear Parents, It’s important to communicate with your LD child. Setting time aside to talk to your child can help boost his self-confidence and open the door to discussing difficult topics.

Also, summer reading doesn’t have to be a chore. Get helpful reading strategies from other parents, and find the perfect book for even the most reluctant reader.

Communicating with Your Kids
Have a meaningful conversation with your child.

Communication Tips for Parents
Boosting Children’s Confidence

LD Reading Strategies
Keep your child reading all summer.

Top Ways to Get Your Kids to Read
Great Books to Grow On
How to Keep Reluctant Readers Reading Over the Summer
What Works: Books for Kids
Recommended Reading Lists for All Ages
When Kids Hate to Read
What Works: LD Reading Strategies
More on Summer Reading


Brain Research: Strategies to Improve Memory

Read this three-part series on Brain-Friendly Teaching.

Part One: Strategies to Improve Memory
What teachers need to know about the brain to help students learn and remember best.

Part Two: Moving Information from Sensory to Long-Term Memory
Learn the seven-step process that helps move information from sensory memory to long-term memory.

Part Three: Putting Brain-Friendly Strategies to Work
Discover how to put brain-friendly strategies to work in the classroom — and how to avoid your own senior moments.

Brain Lady

I am a total believer that educators need to stay updated on the latest in brain research. Try these website out:


Practical Classroom Applications of Current Brain Research

Al Amal4Education Website

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Welcome K-2 teachers! Your classrooms are the foundation for learning alhamduillah. It all starts with you and here we have provided, insha’Allah, a multitude of resources to assist you in the fantastical world that is K-2! Scroll down to see what’s new & check back often! We update frequently alhamdulillah! Click here for Rubrics!

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