Intro to Graphic Organizers

Okay. I believe I can’t say enough about using graphic organizers. They are wonderful tools for students. Graphic organizers are a different and more concrete way for students to understand information. I spent several years developing software years ago and we absolutely could not do our jobs with relying on flowcharts, which are also graphic organizers.

I’m going to list a couple of good sites where you can read about why to use graphic organizers and how to use them with students. Those sites also have a lot of (free) printable graphic organizers.

“From Now On” has a very compelling reason for using graphic organizers: “They convert complex and messy information collections into meaningful displays. They compress. They focus.”

The “Graphic Organizers in the Classroom” article on Eduscapes is another good one. Click the link to read the article and get access to lots of graphic organizers.

Still another good place to go is the TeacherVision website. TeacherVision allows only 6 items to be printed. However, if you clear your browser (especially of the cookies) and reload the site, you can print more items.

And finally, probably one of my fav GO sites is the one at “Go To Science.” They have a section that explains what GOs are, the theory behind their use, their benefits and how to help students create their own. Then, there are plenty of (free) printable GOs. Sometimes I will print a GO then white out the title to use it for a different purpose.

You can even have students make their own graphic organizers. Self-made graphic organizers allows a student to organize information according to how a student thinks. The process of creating their own GOs and filling them in with information also helps the student remember information.

Have fun using those GOs!