Geography and Maps for 12-18 year olds

Geography and Maps

Bolster geography skills with printable maps.

U.S. Map with Physiography
U.S. Map with State Capitals
U.S. Place Names Word Search
Outline Map of North America
Outline Map of Asia
Outline Map of Europe
Outline Map of South America
Outline Map of Australia
Outline Map of Antarctica
More Geography and Printable Maps

Ages 12-18


Build Your Own Weather Station

This is a great activity for a science or geography lesson. Right now, my 6th graders are studying US climates regions.

This project uses mostly things you have around the house.

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Making a terrarium is a nice idea to use in a geography or earth science lesson.  And kids love to grow plants and to watch them grow.

An idea I am planning to try for getting the pieces to fit together easier is to cut a slit in the bottom half so that the top half of the container will slide on easier.

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New Google Earth

Christopher Dawson of ZDNet Education recently wrote this about a new geography software product:

Google Earth 5 was just released and includes a host of new tools that educators can tap in the classroom.

Google Ocean is being touted in particular, allowing users to interact with 3D maps of the ocean floor, courtesy largely of US Navy data.

However, I found the databases and interactive features associated with the ocean views to be a lot more useful educationally than floating around the ocean floor.

Read full article here

Get Google Earth here

K-12 Geo Lesson Plans

A selection of the BEST lessons from The Oregon Geography Alliance Available for printing right off the internet for grades K-12  available by grade or by content.

Lessons cover wide range of geography topics and countries

Written by Oregon Geographic Alliance and Teacher Consultants …

Click here to get to Geobytes.

Picture Books for Teaching Geography

The Oregon Geographic Alliance has put together a list of books that can be used to teach geography.

I haven’t read or used any of the books in the classroom, but I hope to.  Here’s the link!

Picture Books for Teaching Geography.pdf (application/pdf Object).

Free Mapping the Americas Toolkit

Download a free Geography Action! Mapping the Americas Toolkit filled with activities, maps, and tips for planning highly interactive, festive events for students, families, and communities to enjoy. From National Geographic.