Free Reading Comprehension Tests

Reading Comprehension Test for Grades 6 and 7 is an online interactive test simulation designed to improve reading comprehension.

Reading Comprehension Connection for Grades 4 thru 11 is a collection of interactive lessons. Students can choose from vocab, reading strategies, and understanding.

Reading Comprehension Grade 4 to 6 is a collection of worksheets followed by multi-choice quizzes and discussion based questions.

Brainchild Online Assessment Grade 5 to 7 is an online interactive comprehension assessment.

Into the Book Grade K to 6 is an interactive site about teaching reading comprehension.

Starfall Grade K to 2 interactive reading activities.


Sample Syllabus

My syllabus for Social Studies.Well, mine is actually just the course calendar which I must turn in to the admin office. I put all other syllabus related information (like grading policy) in a class handbook that goes home to parents.


how to write a syllabus (college level but can be adjusted for homeschool)

another syllabus site

homeschool physics syllabus

Curriculum Standards | Typical Course Study | Learning Standards

As a source of information, World Book offers the results of ongoing research into curriculum requirements and standards. The learning levels include preschool through grade 12. Naturally, there are regional and local variations that cannot be accounted for in every detail. But the typical course of study reflects general curriculum requirements across North America. The information is categorized by grade level and general skill type or discipline. Click here to find out how the Typical Course of Study was prepared.

Select a grade level from the list below to review its suggested subject matter.

Grade Level 1
Grade Level 2
Grade Level 3
Grade Level 4
Grade Level 5
Grade Level 6
Grade Level 7
Grade Level 8
Grade level 9
Grade Level 10
Grade Level 11
Grade Level 12

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