Free printable checks for kids

There are many ways to use checks, and checkbooks in the classroom. The most obvious is to teach personal finance.

Get Free printable Checks, Deposit Slip, Register HERE.

You can edit these forms and type in your student’s name, address, etc.

If this opens in “Read Only” format, then click “File, “Save As” then give the document a name.



Learning Games

Using games to teach motivates and inspires everyone, including the teacher. If you have been wanting to incorporate games into your educational day, the ESL Cafe is a great resource.

While the activities are geared towards those who teach English as a foreign language, the games are really fun and can be used in any setting.

Once you get the hang of how to use games, you can create your own!

Here are some links to the ESL Cafe games:

  • Games – idea on how to have fun with your students (GO HERE)
  • Grammar – idea on how to teach grammar (GO HERE)
  • Kids – idea for those teaching ESL/EFL to children (GO HERE)
  • Listening – idea on how your students can improve their listening comprehension (GO HERE)
Food – idea on how you can use food for teaching ESL/EFL

How to Raise Boys Who Read

This is very interesting!

. . . a recent report from the Center on Education Policy, for example, substantially more boys than girls score below the proficiency level on the annual National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test. This disparity goes back to 1992, and in some states the percentage of boys proficient in reading is now more than ten points below that of girls. The male-female reading gap is found in every socio-economic and ethnic category, including the children of white, college-educated parents.

The good news is that influential people have noticed this problem. The bad news is that many of them have perfectly awful ideas for solving it.

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Free Kindle Classics

Here are some free kindle books. Did you know you can get Kindle the for PC!

Free Kindle Classics
Pride and Prejudice
Treasure Island
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

[categoryAudio Books/eBooks]

Free: Simple Task Timer

Are you checking Giveaway of the Day each day? Here is today’s FREE offer. I like this one. I’m thinking I could track my homeschool tasks too.

Know where your time goes, your most profitable type of task, average hourly rate, and much more. Easily start, pause, and switch between projects’ task. Set the task’s rate as hourly or as a fixed amount, and let Simple Task Timer do the math. Create a professional looking invoice with your logo and company info, then print it or save it in PDF format.

SimpleTaskTimer is a small desktop application that helps you track the time you spend on your projects.

Free Kindle for Blackberry

Hey moms! Amazon is giving away a FREE download of Kindle application for the Blackberry. Click the link to hop over there!

You will also want to check out all the FREE books too FREE Kindle book downloads.

Lessons on bugs: activities, poem, mini-books

From Classroom Zoom


Kindergarten – 1st Grades

Students will complete a variety of activities, including a poem and mini-book, about bugs.

Need Help Teaching Topic Sentences, Create a Family Newspaper

Middle schoolers can have a tough time identifying a topic sentence in nonfiction writing. Sometimes, they even ask why they need to learn how to do this.

Learning to analyze writing is a skill critical to literacy as well as self-expression. Developing a family newspaper is a fun activity that will give your child some real-life practice with topic sentences! It will also help to understand the “whys” of education.

If this sounds like something you are willing to try, read this helpful article. Get the Scoop! Create a Family Newspaper

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