Strategy: Self-Monitoring

A Thinking, Learning, and Reading Strategy

What Is a Successful Learner
Successful learners use self-monitoring as they are reading, and when they are learning, and while they are thinking.

Self-Monitors ask themselves:

  • Am I understanding this?
  • Am I getting what I need?
  • Does this make sense?

Two Parts of Self-Monitoring
There are two parts to Self-Monitoring. One part is checking in with one’s self about what is going on inside the mind to be able to see how learning and/or what thinking is going.

The other part of self-monitoring is repair work. This means that if a person senses that he/she is not understanding something, then he/she need to do something about it.

What “Repair Work” Looks Like
When learning breaks down, good thinkers STOP! After that, they IDENTIFY the source of the problem. Then they find a SOLUTION for the problem before going on to the next section.

How To Find Solutions
To find a solution, successful learners ask themselves:

  • Now, what do I need from this information?
  • What is important?
  • What does that word mean?

They study carefully before learning anything new.

Modeling Self-Monitoring
Teachers and Parents, you can model this learning strategy for your students. More later on how to model insha’Allah.

Source: Developing Readers and Writers in the Content Areas K-12.


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