[Effective Teachers] 5 Concepts of Positive Expectations

Words and actions increase positive behaviors. There are five key concepts to this:

  • Name
  • Please
  • Thank You
  • Smile
  • Love

Use a student’s name when addressing him or her. Be respectful and friendly when addressing someone. And never use a person’s name in an angry or condescending manner. Correctly pronouncing someone’s name is important.

Children model their behavior on the people around them. Kindness includes using the word “please”. It shows you are well-mannered. Include the word please on assignments, worksheets and other class papers that you hand out.

When you want to express gratitude, respect, and appreciation use the words thank you. Using thank you along with a student’s name makes it easier for students to comply. Include the words thank you on assignments, worksheets and other class papers that you hand out.

No matter what a person’s language is, everyone understands what smiling conveys: peace, understanding, harmony. Smile when approaching a student even when you feel upset. You don’t need a fake smile, or show all of your teeth. Learn to express a controlled but well-timed smile.

Show that you care about your students. Listen to them. Be caring and loving. Give your students more than just simply conveying the subject areas you teach.

Take out your Teacher Control Journal:

  • Set a personal goal to include these 5 things in your teaching day. Explain how you will accomplish this goal. Identify 3 things you need to do.
  • Create a poster titled “I Want to Be a Better Teacher”. Include the 5 key concepts. Hang your poster in your classroom for your students to see! They will hold to your promise. And insha’Allah they will be inspired to change too.

Up Next, insha’Allah, Classroom Management
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Wong, Harry. The First Days of School. 2001.


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