Tools for Teaching: Room Arrangement

Effective room arrangement is part of a functioning classroom management strategy. It keep students from goofing off.

The best room layout includes wide walkways in a compact arrangement. A good room layout allows you to get from any student to any other student with the fewest steps. Consider the following as you think about room planning.

1–Proximity Zones. Imagine you are in the center of a 3 concentric rings. The ring (zone) nearest you is colored Red; the next out is Yellow; the furthest out is colored Green.

Students in the “red zone” won’t misbehave because you are near them. Those in the “yellow zone” proceed with caution. And the “green zone” means go (wild)!

2–Work the Zones. Students enter and leave the 3 zones as you move around the room. So, if you want all students to behave, walk around.

3–Teacher’s Desk. Put it in the back of the room or in a corner.

4–Student’s Desk. Move student desks near the whiteboard. Create walkways so that you can get to students easily.

Sample Room Arrangements

(photos linked in)

Get out your Teach the Teacher Journal (a spiral notebook).
–Why is a classroom management system necessary?
–How does working the zones disrupt the disruption?
–Research room diagrams for teaching. Which one works best for you?

Design Your Room Arrangement
Use graph paper to draw your room arrangement. Spend about 10 minutes on this.

Room Planning Goals
–Bring student desks forward
–Generous walkways and aisles to avoid stepping on things
–Include a “loop” in the middle of the room
–Arrange students in pairs if possible

Source: Tools for Teaching by Dr. Fred Jones for Education World

Up Next, insha’Allah Tools for Teaching, Praise, Prompt, and Leave


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