[Teach the Teacher] A Model of Successful Instruction: Overcoming Negative Transfer

The model of ineffective skill building (input, input, input) is extremely common in current American educational systems. While the most effective model (input-output, input-output) is extremely rare.

Why is this? Going through elementary school (5 years), junior high (3 years), high school (4 years), and college (another 4 years) “has deeply affected your teaching style regardless of your philosophy. It will be your dominant habit whether you know it or not . . . ”

A clear example is the teacher who tries to make lessons interactive.
She talks for 25 minutes and saves 15 minutes for discussion after her lecture. And this 15 minutes is the interactive part.

This is ineffective. Student’s won’t remember what was said at the beginning of the talk. They will suffer from cognitive overload from the 25-minute lecture.

The teacher is acting on the model of teaching that she herself experienced. And althought she tries hard to do the correct thing, she needs to change her framework.

The solution? Tools for Teaching. You (the teacher) will work less while the students work more. Tools for Teaching keeps students involved thereby spending less time goofing around.

Up Next, inshaAllah, Tools for Teaching

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Instruction Meets Discipline
by Dr. Fred Jones


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