Advice from over 800 homeschool families

Visit Homeschool Freebie of the Day for their latest. Their ebooks from this week are still available but that will change.

  • “If I Could Do It Over Again…” Thoughts and Advice from Homeschool Families (PDF ebook) – over 800 homeschooling families about what has worked well and not-so-well .
  • Little Wanderers by Margaret Warner Morley (PDF ebook) – From the early 1900s, learn how plants propogate and “travel”; loaded with illustrations.
  • Easy Steps in Housekeeping, or Mary Frances’ Adventures Among the Doll People by Jane Eayre Fryer (PDF ebook) – Mary Frances learns some very practical lessons about housekeeping while setting up a household for her own homeless family of dolls. This volume includes paper dolls and furniture to cut out and put together as you go through the story.
  • Number Stories of Long Ago by David Eugene Smith (PDF ebook) – this classic book that tells the story of man’s early attempts to count, write numerals, and do mathematical computations.

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