[Teach the Teacher] A Model of Successful Instruction, Problems of Scale

Previously, we discussed a successful model of instruction. It’s based on coaching and looks like this:

Coach: input
Player: slowly repeats skill increasing speed with practice
Coach: “watches like a hawk” to correct any mistakes right then and there to ensure that the correct actions are repeated

This model of instruction (coaching) is easy to implement in a sports or tutoring setting. But teachers and home-school moms ask, How do I do this for my students?

Unless an educator can expand the scale of coaching to an entire class, she will be forced into coaching an individual student while losing control of the rest of the class.

Up Next inshaAllah, Building Scale (of  the Successful Model of Instruction)

Previously, [Teach the Teacher] A Model of Successful Instruction

Instruction Meets Discipline
by Dr. Fred Jones


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