[Teach the Teacher] + Free nature reader eBook

The ebook is an scanned copy of actual material written by the St. Paul Teacher’s Training school. It’s from way back when, but it’s an excellent resource! It begins with plan for teaching this particular material. This plan would be such a great help for new teachers/homeschoolers. It can be adapted to fit any material.

Some of the stories –such as myths– are not appropriate for our Muslim children. But the rest seem okay.

Method of instruction
Materials. — The teacher goes out with her pupils to collect enough material referred to in the lessons, gathering enough to allow each pupil one specimen. Animals and plants are kept alive in the schoolroom to enable all to study their growth and habits.

After the material is at hand, the development of a specific lesson is divided (though not formally and rigidly) into five parts.

I. Morning Talk
II. Drawing
III. Spelling
IV. Reading
V. Language

There is an explanation of what the teacher can do for each of these five parts.

The method of instruction is designed to stimulate thought, enlarge vocabulary, and open the eyes of children to the wonders of the world around them.

This book is for second graders but it can also be used for third and fourth graders as well.

FREE: All the Year Round: Autumn Nature Reader (PDF ebook)
Here’s a classic nature reader compiled by Frances L. Strong way back in 1895, filled with engaging stories and poetry about plants, animals and insects as they go through the fall season, preparing for wintertime. Lovely illustrations, gentle text, great for read-alouds & nature study! Highly recommended!

Click here for today’s resource!


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