[Teach the Teacher] A Model of Successful Instruction

The successful model of instruction looks like this

  1. break larger unit into smaller steps
  2. give input (one step only)
  3. watch performance
  4. check for understanding
  5. give corrective feedback immediately before moving on
  6. additional practice

This model is best explained with an example from sports. Coaches don’t expect one-trial learning (and neither should teachers). Instead, coaches build skill in the following way:
Coach: input
Player: slowly repeats skill increasing speed with practice
Coach: “watches like a hawk” to correct any mistakes right then and there to ensure that the correct actions are repeated

The results of this model is that the more the player practices correctly, the better and quicker he becomes. However, speed is not more important than correct performance.

Up Next bi’ithnillah, Problems of Scale: Replicating this inside the classroom


Instruction Meets Discipline
by Dr. Fred Jones


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