[Teach the Teacher] Two Models of Teaching — Only One of Them Works


In the previous post Why teachers need to change how they teach (here), we learned that educators are a product of the educational environment they themselves were exposed to as students.  And that “It will be your dominant [teaching] habit whether you know it or not . . . “

The most common teaching model is input, input, input, input, inputoutput. And as you will see, it is problematic.

The I-I-I-I-O model leads to student anxiety about their performance. It creates cognitive overload. Students turn into “helpless hand-raisers” during Guided Practice which forces teachers to engage in one-on-one tutoring with students who don’t understand. While the teacher is busy tutoring, other students become bored, distracted, and noisy. Or, worse than that, students work quietly (or not) in an education vacuum while one student receives one-on-one tutoring.

The best teaching model is inputoutputinputoutputinputoutput. This is the most effective model.

The I-O-I-O model works because it alternates input and output. It provides the student with constant monitoring and feedback. It is coaching at its best. It is the model that teachers used to follow long ago.

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Instruction Meets Discipline
by Dr. Fred Jones


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