Free blogs for teachers

If you are a teacher or homeschooling parent and want to set up an education blog, then check out EduBlogs. It runs off of the WordPress platform which is really great. No ads.

And since EduBlogs is strictly for teachers and classrooms, you won’t need to worry that your student/child will accidentally find inappropriate or offensive material.

My elementary & middle school students loved having a class blog. I set them up with their own accounts for class projects that required them to write posts for individual and collaborative work. And, whenever I took photos of class projects or field trips, I posted those to the blog as well (no pics of kiddos ever).

I also used it to write a weekly class newsletter — no more paper-based newsletters (saved a few trees I think).  Plus, I posted announcements, weekly class plan, and homework assignments although students are required to write their homework down in a school planner.

It’s also a great way to communicate on the fly. I created a “contact me” page that would send me an email when a parent or student had a question for me.

If you’re interested in EduBlogs, you may want to read: “Everything You Need To Know About Setting Up A Class Blog“:

Step 1 – Create A Class Blog

Step 2 –  Set Up Your Blogging Rules and Guidelines

Step 3 – Teaching Commenting Skills and Etiquette

Step 4 – Help Parents Connect With Your Class Blog

Step 5 – Add Students To Your Class Blog So They Can Write Posts

Step 6 – Add A Visitor Tracking Widget To Your Blog Sidebar

Step 7 – Setting Up Student blogs

Step 8 – Add your student blogs to your blogroll

Step 9 – Add Your Student Blogs To A Folder In Google Reader


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