Tip from the Teacher: Training a master estimator

Guessing is Good for You

Young children need lots and lots of practice at making good guesses to become proficient in estimating. Estimating is not such an easy thing for them to do.

One tip is to start children off by having them guess "how much" using smaller groups of things first. Then, once they get good at that, move them up to estimating larger groups. And keep moving them up in size once they get really good.

You will get the picture if you use this activity:a tasty take on estimation!

Take advantage of things that are all around us and use them as math estimation activities. Try having students guess how many seconds it takes the car the family is riding in to reach the corner. Or how about this one, how many pencils are in a specific pencil holder. And this one is fun, how many petals are in a bunch of flowers!

How creative can you get to help your student(s) become master estimators? Homeschooling mommas should love incorporating this math skill drill into their daily routines!

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