Special Offer for Classroom Teachers Free 1-year Subscription to YES!

Are You a Teacher?

YES! is a national ad-free quarterly magazine published by the Positive Futures Network, an independent, nonprofit organization. We honor classroom teachers and faculty for informing and inspiring the next generation.

Thanks to the generosity of YES! donors, we are able to provide middle and high school classroom teachers, college faculty, and homeschool resource center instructors with a one-year introductory subscription at no cost.

If you qualify for this offer and are interested in a magazine with positive, solution-oriented stories about environmental sustainability, economic and social justice and peace, simply complete the form here http://www.yesmagazine.org/forms/free-teacher-subscription and click “Submit.”  We are able to provide only a limited number of subscriptions each year, so apply soon. As a subscriber, you will automatically receive our Education Connection newsletter.

If you aren’t eligible for this offer, we encourage you to sign up for our free monthly online education newsletter. This electronic newsletter is filled with great resources for educators, such as curricula, lesson plans, interviews, and photo essays. See our archive here.


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