Panda’s cloud-based FREE antivirus

Yesterday (Mar 29 ’09) Panda Security announced that it is now releasing a beta “Cloud Antivirus” for free.

Consumers Download Here

So, What’s a cloud? Great question. Well, its kinda simple really.  A cloud is the latest in computer technology.  It is using the Internet to access software applications (usually Open Source) that are running on a server somewhere instead of your own PC. If you have heard of or have used PayPal, Skype, or Google Documents, then you are familiar with cloud computing.

At any rate, Panda Security is a great company doing its thing for humanity which is wonderful b/c in this economy, everybody needs FREE! Even if you can afford otherwise, donate what you would have spent to charity.

Read about Panda Cloud Antivirus Here

Read about Panda’s cloud-based antivirus for schools


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