Using Dioramas in the Classroom

A diorama (di-a-rama) is a 3-D model that is placed inside some type of showcase.  The models can be life-sized but most are miniature.

rain_forest_diorama1Dioramas are made by placing objects in front of a painted background. The objects can be figures, stuffed wildlife, wax figures, real objects, or pictures of objects. The objects are arranged in a naturalic setting.

The scene within a diorama can be a replica of something from nature, a building, or even a room inside a building. One of the best examples of dioramas are scenes at museum exhibits.

Dioramas are a fun way to bring almost any subject to life. Use them in lessons about the oceans, volcanoes, and science. Be creative. Miniature objects, clip art and printables can all be used to create a amazing diorama.

The resources below will help you get started. Many include a list of the materials you will need need.

How to Make a Diorama eHow

How to Make a Diorama Enchange Learning

How to Make a Diorama abcTeach

Desert Diorama

Dino Diorama

Diorama Links

Jungle Diorama Martha Stewart

Ocean Diorama Martha Stewart

Ocean Diorama Enchanted Learning

Miniature City

Super Mario Bros

Who knows, your child may become so interested in dioramas, that when he grows up, he just may do this as an occupation! After all, someone has to design and build these –>  (real life museum dioramas).


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