Writing: 6 + 1 Writing Traits

I love 6+ 1 Writing Traits!

Not only do I use the 6+ to teaching writing, I also use it to help students set writing goals. I ask students to choose one of the traits they want to perfect. Or I may recommend a trait if a student has some real difficulty in a particular area. I give them goal sheets and help them track their progress. While I can’t help them perfect every trait in one school year, I at least get them to think about goal-setting in their writing.
Goal Setting
Before getting into 6+ Trait writing, it’s important for teachers to get students to think about setting some educational goals. Here is a link to a series of articles on goal-setting for students: Goal Setting 101 — goal setting forms are included.

History of 6+ Trait Writing
For those who are not familiar with 6+ 1 Trait Writing, it was developed by a group of teachers in the mid-80s. It categorizes the common characteristics of good writing. You can read about 6+ Trait Writing history here.

6+ Trait Writing Lesson Plans
If you are looking for 6+ 1 Trait Writing lesson plans, the NW Regional Educational Lab site is one of the best places to get them. Plans are organized by grade. And, writing prompts are also available on the site.

Additional Resources
eMints, which offers professional development for teachers, has a long list of resources about 6+ 1 Trait Writing and writing in general. Click here to get to eMints writing resources page.


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