Check Grade Level of Text

Here are three (3) online tools that lets you measure the readability of text. These sites do not give the same results in all areas. However, all use common scoring systems, including the Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, and Flesch Kincaid Grade Level indicators and others.

These are good alternatives when you don’t want to open up MSWord or if your word processor does not have a text readability feature.

Go to the websites below. Then enter the text you wish to check into a box on the site, and your scores will be calculated.

  • Added Bytes does not give suggestions about sentences or words to change to make a text more easy to read. Click here  Added Bytes Text Readability
  • Edit Central gives suggestions and allows you to edit the text so that you can change the text to make it more or less difficult to read. Click here to go to Edit Central
  • Online Utility also shows complicated sentences that you may want to change to improve a text’s readability. Click here to go to Online Utility Text Checker


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