Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Child

I held a read-aloud session with my 6th graders today. They loved it! I read a few poems to them from the book “Flamingos on the Roof” by Calef Brown. This book is really for 4-8 year-olds, but my 11- and 12-year-old studentsFlamingos on the Roof ate it up! They were begging for more! I stopped to discuss different elements of poetry with them. It was really a lot of fun.

To hear a few of Calef Brown’s poems being read, go to the link below and click the “Listen Now” button.

When you’re done listening, here are some read-aloud tips for teachers and home-schoolers from the Pizza Hut Book It website.


  • Preview the book and practice reading it.
  • Introduce the title, author, and illustrator.
  • Tell briefly what the story is about.


  • Hold the book so your child can see the words and illustrations.
  • Vary your tone, volume, and pitch as you read.
  • Pause occasionally to explain, comment, or look at the illustrations.


  • Discuss the characters and what happened in the story.
  • Ask questions that provoke thought.
  • Help your child relate the story to something personal or another story.

Tips for Reading Aloud to Your Child.


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