Book Review: Pinkalicious

Teach your student to write his/her own book review. Time for Kids has ideas that makes the process easy for the students. It also gives teachers an easy guide to follow for teaching how to write a book review. Download the model book review, the idea organizer and checklist to help students go through the book review writing process step-by-step.  Click here to go to TimeForKids Book Review Process.

Once your student has written the book review, have him/her to submit it to or to

Below is a review of the book “Pinkalicious” by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann. This book review serves as an excellent example for students.

I can’t wait to read the following book to my students and ask them to write their own review!


by Victoria and Elizabeth Kann
Ages 5-8

Pinkalicious tells a tale about a little girl who loves pink…especially pink cupcakes! But what happens when she eats one too many? She turns pink, of course! So, how can she turn back to a normal color? By eating only green food! Full of bright, vibrant pictures, this book takes you into the world of an adorable girl who shows everyone that being yourself is the most important thing of all.  All of us here at Family Education Network love this book!

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