FlyLady: Teacher Control Journal

Here is a letter for teachers from FlyLady. This post will remain as a “sticky note” which means it will always be the first message you will see.

Click the link at the end of the letter to go to the FlyLady site. You will be able to download the Teacher Control Journal from there. It really helps with getting organized.

FlyLady’s Teacher Control Journal

Dear Teachers,

I have spent many hours putting together this Teacher Control Journal. I had some help from one of your sister teachers. Her name is Jamie Hawley. I have included her examples into the this document.

I have also included a letter to parents and the Student Control Journal. Please just jump right in and start using it. You can adapt it to fit your needs whether you are an elementary, middle, high school or home schooling teacher. Right now the most important part is for you to get it and start to put together your Teacher Control Journal. I cannot do it for you. Every class is different. I can get you motivated to do it.

There are testimonials in this document as well as forms to fill in the blanks. Use what you need. You have my permission to adapt to fit your classroom. You can edit anything except my letter to the parents.

I hope you like it.

FlyLady Teacher Control Journal


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