F&H (fun and helpful) Spelling Activities

I have used these two items in the classroom and they have worked great Alhamdulilleh. I got these ideas from reading around on the web.

My students have a total of 20 spelling words per week. However, I only give out 5 spelling words per day. This keeps them focused on an amount of words that are manageable for them and frankly for me too.

Activity #1 is called “Snap and Clap” — In this spelling activity, students spell out words one letter at a time. While doing so, they clap for each consonant, and snap for each vowel. This helps students to recognize spelling patterns. It also increases their exposure to a spelling word many, many times. Their eyes see it, their lips spell it, and their hands clap and snap it all at the same time. Very kinesthetic! My students do each word 3 times each.

I don’t remember at the moment where I found this activity but it was based on something I read about 4 Blocks Literacy. I modified it for my class. So instead of just clapping or snapping, I have them to clap ONLY for consonants and snap for vowels. I wanted them to associate the hard “c” in the word “clap” with the hard “c” in the word “consonant”. I also wanted my students to get some practice learning consonants and vowels AND spelling patterns.  Insha’Allah I will find the source and provide it b/c there were some other interesting spelling activities also that I use.

Activity #2 is the Laptop. My students absolutely LOVE this!!!!!  A laptop is a printout of a computer keyboard. I found the idea on a teacher’s website (click here to go to her site). So, my students type out their spelling words while spelling the word out loud. For some of my students, it has raised their spelling test scores from the 60% range to the 80-90% range. Click here to download your copy of the laptop (pdf). Again, I have my students do each spelling word 3 times each and a maximum of 5 words at a time.

Both of these spelling activities are great for students. It gets them up out of their seats, onto their feet, and spelling to the beat.


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